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They Were Loved, and They Will Never Be Forgotten

This page is a memorial for all of the dogs (and very special people) who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Max Max loved his “mom” and Lab sister and followed them everywhere.  Olive adopted him in March 2009 when he was 10 yrs. old and had cancer.  When told of his pathology report, she replied: “he still needs a home, doesn’t he?”.  He went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday while basking in the sun watching his “mom” working in her garden.  The love he experienced in the past 8 months more than made up for his lack of it in his previous 9 yrs.  He is already greatly missed by his loving mom.  He is pain-free and running and playing while waiting for her to join him.  Our sincere condolences to Olive and our great appreciation for giving him a loving home.  He was truly a very beautiful, sweet boy.

Roxy was not with her family as long as they would have liked.  Her fosters loved her so much that they adopted her knowing that, when taken out of animal control, she had a tumor on her neck. It was removed, but there was no way to know if it had spread.  She and her family went to the Dog Park everyday.   She was known at the Dog Park as the “Godfather” because she broke up fights and protected the little dogs.  She is now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for her family and watching over the little angels who are with her.  Her body is gone but her spirit will always be with them.

Nicole & Roxy Roxy

Missy We called Missy 'Our Little Sweetie" because no other words seemed to describe her better.  We only had Missy with us for about four months but in that time she managed to become a major part of our family and losing her as we did so suddenly has been incredibly hard.  Missy had a lot of things wrong with her but she found ways to deal with them and to compensate.  She was a joy to watch and be with.  We learned so much from her about dealing with the tough things in life and that has helped us during this sad time.  The tears we have in our eyes are more for us than for her.  We miss her terribly but she is and always will be one of the greatest gifts we have been given in our lives.

We Love You, Sweetie.

Alexander Our sweet little Alexander is gone.  He had so many things wrong with him that he couldn’t recover.  He is missed tremendously and will never be forgotten.  While he was with us,  he experienced love and caring and knew that he was with people who cared deeply about him.

Rest in peace our little Angel.

Asher Asher was my faithful companion for 4 great years. He was there with me during my husband's 2 military deployments. He followed me wherever I went. We went for daily walks whether I was in the mood or not :) I loved him with all my heart and will miss him more than I can express!

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